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Friday, July 14, 2017

FAT MOM: How did this happen and what am I gonna do about it?


"You have a big belly like my mommy," my beautiful and brutally honest child said to her school teacher. "It jiggles when you walk. It's funny."

She did not mean any harm. My daughter actually does like my "squishy pillow" but the teacher didn't see the humor when she asked to meet me after school.

I planned to be a "normal" mom by kindergarten, but it didn't work. Now we're looking at third grade and I'm still FAT MOM. But not for long. I've decided it's time to lose the baby weight. After all, it's way past time don't you think?

When it comes to looking good - or even decent - as a fat mom, it's no easy fete. Consider these ladies who tried out some clothing that used a NOT REALLY fat model. These pics appear in the article available here.