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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT: OMG! I'm going to work with Sarah Michelle Gellar

( - I'm excited to be tapped as one of a handful of influential bloggers to help actress Sarah Michelle Gellar launch her new line!

Many may remember her from her role as Buffy the Vampire Slayer but there are hot new rumors that she will play Princess Leia in the upcoming Star Wars movie.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fashion Meets Food: The life and times of a celebrity reporter

( - Some people may wonder why anyone would name a blog "Fat Girl Loves Cake" or even want to create a blog that celebrates being fat. Fat shamers won't get much love here, but you will get a sammich (pronounced: sammm-itch) and is code for cucumber sandwich - big girl style with bacon, mayo and double cheese).

That's because FatGirlLovesCake was created on September 10, 2015 which was also the first day of New York City's Fashion Week 2015 as I huffed and puffed my way up a steep New York City hill heading to a posh Manhattan eatery to help journalist and style diva Nancy O'Dell launch her new fall line.

"I need a better job or an oxygen tank with air that smells like bacon," I joked to myself. "If only people could see what I go through to get the stories that they love. How funny would that be?!"

The more I thought about it the more funny it became until I stopped on a dime in the middle of the street and got eerily serious: That really is funny. In that moment, was born.

CAKE Magazine will be a monthly publication featuring the latest fashion, food trends and of course - my favorite feature - CAKE of the MONTH.

I'm not sure what cake will be but to me it stands for a symbol of happyness. I purposely spelled happiness with a "y" because it symbolizes that being happy is different for every person. Cake means whatever YOU want it to mean. Do you like shoes? That's YOUR cake. Do you like $500,000 sports cars? That's YOUR cake.

Fat Girl Loves logo

Together we're going to redefine what it means to be who we are. Once and for all, we're going to shed our fear and put on our sexy, bedazzled big gurl panties and stand up and be counted! We'll use fun nicknames like "Mama Cake" as our handles and from time-to-time win prizes, attend get-togethers and do meet and greets with our favorite celebrities!

I know this website is going to be visited by non-fat people, but please pardon my manners. I won't be changing the tone or editing posts or guest posts to suit you. If you come to, you'll have to learn to adapt because this website is a celebration of full figure women with style!

Thank you for taking this journey with me! I love ya, gals!

- DC

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

CAKE FAIR: Sugar, spice and cake twice!

( - My fingers are shaking as I'm writing this post. Somehow, I missed the memo about #CakeFair2015, an entire conference on cakes, sugar treats and celebrity chefs. It's all going down in Orlando at the Hyatt Regency from September 18-20.

Mich TurnerHere's what we are missing:
Cake Competition is the world’s crème de la crème and offers a supreme display of cakes created by some of the world’s most talented cake artists and decorators to be judged by a panel of revered cake connoisseurs. Cake artists from around the globe will compete for $15,000 in prizes in this exhilarating day-long decorating challenge.

kidsOn the party side of things, the Sugar Arts Fashion Show & Cocktail Party is right up my alley because it literally is my mission statement: "Where Fashion Meets Food." The party features a red velvet carpet event.

No disrepect to all the #NFYW2015 and #MsAmerica experiences I had last week, but #CakeFair2015 was meant for me!
It has everything a Fat Girl diva like me desires including a high-fashion haven, where haute chocolate couture and sinfully delectable designs will dominate the runway – designed by master sugar, cake, and chocolate craftsmen and women.
The Cake Fair conference boasts over 75 Hands-On Classes & Demonstrations plus the unmatched opportunity to reach a captive audience of passionate professionals and consumers by exhibiting at The Americas Cake & Sugarcraft Fair.

STYLE WATCH: New York Fashion Week 2015 kicks off

( - Actress Melissa McCarthy's hot new clothing line has every body talking and big girls looking amazing! Do you like this line?

Monday, September 14, 2015

OMG! Pioneer Woman host coming to #BlogHerFood

( - Today, I was skipping along my merry way relieved that I don't have any interviews, events to attend and that I could spend the weekend focusing on the crazy custody battle from hell that I'm involved with my somewhat lunatic ex. Honestly, I was feeling a little blue, but I was determined not to use food to feel better so I stopped by a coffee shop ( is not food but caffine is critical to survive family court) I'd decided spend some time in Central Park to "refresh my mind" but I couldn't resist the computer that was sitting there calling my name.

With java in hand, I decided to check my email. I was happy I did. After I shifting through the press releases and an email from a photographer who was announcing that the "headshots" that we took at a recent blog conference was available - to my horror the photos were posted online and made available to EVERYONE to see - I was happy to see that Ree Drummond - the Pioneer Woman food show host that is responsible for my muffin top - is coming to BlogHerFood in Chicago.

I'd been on the fence about attending because my custody battle from hell is draining my energy, but I was immediately determined to attend. In my house, Ree rules! We've made so many of her recipes. They are delicious and truly easy enough for a kid to make. My lil mama loves what she calls, "Cake! Cake!" Seriously, that's what she calls Ree's coffee cake. Even math challenged, impatient bakers like me can make this recipe. I've made it so many times, I can do it in my sleep!

If you haven't checked out Ree's work or registered for BlogHerFood, please do so...NOW! You'll love it!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

IN THE NEWS: Lane Bryant turns heads

( - From polyester pusher to bonafide fashion, Lane Bryant has come a long way. It's decision to boldly declare that full figure women and plus size models deserve to be treated equally has tongues wagging.

Lane Bryant's new #ImNoAngel campaign features beautiful plus size models in their undies, but these aren't just any undies. The lacy, fun and sexy line shows that no matter what size you are there's lots of reason to celebrate yourself through fashion.

Do YOU like the Lane Bryant line or new campaign?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Advertise with CAKE!


CELEBRITY SPOTLIGHT: Nancy O'Dell's new fashion line has something for every woman

( - Considering that I actually started the "" blog on September 10, 2015 while helping Nancy O'Dell bring awareness to her hot new Fall Fashion Line, it's only right that the first "Celebrity Spotlight" be Ms. Nancy herself.

 I secretly nickname everyone I meet. I gave Nancy O'Dell the nickname, "Sparkle" because this woman is a bright light and a breath of fresh air. She's so down to earth, gorgeous and she even left the event in a NYC Yellow Taxi. How's that for one with the people.

Nancy's fashion line is really cute, fun and flirty. Best of all, the clothes come in sizes to fit every woman. The new collection officially launched on September 12 with average prices ranging from $49-99 - providing elegant wardrobe options for consumers with discerning taste.