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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

MEOW: Taye Diggs! Whatever will I wear?

( - It's been a while since my last Taye Diggs experience. Over the years, I've met him at a movie event here and there. Sometimes, his timing can be often off in person or maybe he just gets tired of being sexually harassed at work by slobering fans. I wouldn't call him socially awkward, butt he can be hit or miss with fans. But, man, he is delicious to look at!

These days, Taye seems his most authentic self when talking fatherhood. When he talks about his son, it can melt iron. That's why I am excited to be asked to be on hand as he discusses his new children's book, Mixed Me, which is a follow up to his first children's book, Chocolate Me. I heard him read from it once but I couldn't pay attention. His pearly whites and sexy visual image made him sound like the teacher on Charlie Brown.

Just look at him with his adorable son in this MILK ad. Even a world-class actor like Taye cannot fake how happy he is about being a dad. How adorable! And he is recently divorced from the singer who gave us the mega-hit, "Let It Go" from Disney's movie, "Frozen." That means, I've gotta find something to wear just in case he is a twin or brings his cute, look-a-like cousin!

But he's also got a softer side. A side that believes in giving back and helping others. Working with Second Chance Toys allowed bloggers like myself and others to enjoy a great day for a good cause.

If you haven't already, please take a moment to visit their website and help a worthy charity.


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