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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

SLAY for DAYS: "Prom Girl" was bullied for being overweight at prom

( - When I was told I'd have to come up with a ball gown to cover the 2016 Oscars, I was more than terrified.

Usually when I do big events, I have a designer on deck with a make up crew. This year, I had none of it.

So I looked online, found a few gorgeous dresses that I like and called the company to see if they would sponsor me with a dress. The very first company I called agreed. I was so excited.

Although I had another dress sponsor, sadly their dresses didn't arrive in time due to the super tight Oscars security. Without trying anything on, without the right undergarments and without a glam squad, my dresses by Sydney's Closet made me look amazing.

But it was HOW the dresses made me FEEL that I think I'll never forget. The dresses are made with such love and care. The designs are so modern, upscale yet flirty and fun. I remember telling a friend that I wanted to help a plus size teen find a prom dress.

I didn't even get started on the project before TAYJA JONES (left) wore her own SC dress and the Internet exploded. While it's clear that she's overweight, she is confidential and beautiful. Her date sure seem to think so, as well. She's obviously one of those "life of party" people but when social media was done with her she was depressed, couldn't leave the house and is reconsidering ever going to prom again.

Tayja and girls like her is the reason I'm doing the "FASHION MEETS FOOD Charity Meet & Greet" event in L.A. next month. I really want them to see how beautiful they are. I hope I can track Tayja down and get her to attend. I think she'll be a great addition to our growing group of people attending.

If you're a plus teen, tween, adult or senior, don't let weight stand in the way of having a great life. You deserve it. And when you need a dress, please visit my friends at Sydney's Closet (and tell em you saw them on the "Fat Girl Loves" blog. They really class up fashion.


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