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Monday, July 18, 2016

HONORARY IRISH: I met Irish celebrity Noelle O'Connor of Tan Organic

Noelle O'Connor won Ireland's version of Shark Tank and never looked back.
( - Recently I was invited to attend Blogger Bash, a super fun social media influencer and blogger event which was held aboard a Manhattan based yacht called, "Majesty." Earlier the day before, I met a lovely woman who was from Ireland. We joked about how 'overly excited' American moms and bloggers can be she. She was frazzled thinking she'd have to find a way to maintain that kind of energy.

She invited me to stop by the booths at Shop Ireland, one of many vendors who were pitching their products to us bloggers and influencers. I agreed. The next day I had a conflict with another event where we were screening the new movie, "Ice Age" and meeting actress KeKe Palmer. I didn't want to miss the yacht and the experience so I only did about 30 minutes at Ice Age before heading over to the yacht.

As luck would have it, it rained so hard in Manhattan I couldn't see in front of me. I had to take off my shoes because I was hydroplaning on the sidewalk. I took refuge with about 60 people under an awning which thankful was also a NY Waterway shuttle bus stop. The bus stopped right in front of the yacht so dripping wet, I hitched a ride to Pier 81 and finally made it aboard The Majesty Yacht.

I was so late that all the vendors were packing up except the Shop Ireland people. Their laid back Irish style allowed them to take a "wee bit more time in doing things." I was so grateful. I managed to taste some of their culinary delights (including an apple tart that made me tear up.) It was so good but the ladies at each booth told me that it was as common in Ireland as the chocolate chip cookie or pizza slice in NYC.

That's where I met Noelle O'Connor and her super talented PR assistant Cliona Kelly, who is a stunning blonde, feisty bombshell and beauty blogger from Dublin with a following of over 250,000 people. Here she is photographed with American reality TV stars Snooki (left) and J Woww (right).

Although we just met, I know I'll know these ladies forever. They're so fantastic and inspirational. They took me an Irish pub in Lower Manhattan called "The Dead Rabbit" that had saw dust on the floor and they said looked just like the publish in Ireland. I felt like an honorary Irish woman.

Please take a moment to support my friends Noelle and Cliona by purchasing products. Thanks!


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