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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

PLAYING with WIGS: Switching Up Your Style

( - I've always loved my hair. I've enjoyed a wig or too as well in my day but the truth is I just feel fake wearing wigs. it's like you're cheating yourself if you don't allow your real hair shine from time-to-time. I've never like weaves as my face and scalp are too sensitive for synthetic hair. That's why I recently made the decision to be completely natural. But before I did, I had a little fun with some wigs. Check it out:

As grey hair has been my birthmark, I don't mind coloring my hair, which I'm about to do in the next few days.  I'm excited to be sponsored by a hot new company to help me style my real hair. I really think that a woman's hair is her crown and while I've been going through a lot in my personal life, I'm ready to showcase my own hair and all it's glory.


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