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Thursday, January 28, 2016

YUMMY: I'm writing my first cookbook

( - My mom was the ultimate cook, baker and candlestick maker. Ok, so I just threw the candlestick maker in but man could my mom cook and bake. Because I was always home with her, she taught me just about everything she knows.

As I want to share that love with my own little one, I started teaching her recipes that my mom taught me. Lil Mama is quick the little chef, especially when it comes to bread pudding. Ironically, I didn't teach her that one. She just kinda came up with it on her own.

When tragedy forced us from New York City to the middle of nowhere Indiana, we had little else to do but watch corn grow, swim in the pool and bake. When we're together, it's like a giggly, fun slumber party. I still work in New York City so I have to commute back and forth - plus fight a nasty custody battle - so when we're apart, I bake, cook and write down recipes.

That's why the cookbook is so important to me. I want to make sure Lil Mama knows her heritage and there's no more delicious way to teach her than through food.

You can pre-order my cookbook beginning February 2, 2016, which is also Lil Mama's birthday. I'll also be selling some of the things in my cookbook, but mostly cakes, about once a month or so. I don't want to get baker's burnout because I bake from scratch using butter, flour, sugar and eggs.

Can't wait for us to get together and bake something delicious!


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