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Thursday, September 8, 2016

FASHION INFLUENCERS WE LOVE: Met Stylist Christopher Michael and Fashion Blogger Payton Sartain

FULL NYFW Runway Schedule is HERE: Click to view

( - As I prepare to celebrate this blog's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY on September 10, 2016, I have the urge to look back upon the last 364 days in wonder. I can't believe this blog is still going as I created as kind of a parody of my life but then realized how needed it is.
Thanks to this blog, I have had some amazing experiences (Oscars), featured awesome and inspiring celebrities including's first blog post ever with NANCY O'DELL, accepted a 30 Day Online Dating journey and met some really awesome bloggers along the way.

That's why I wanted to do the Blogger Master Class and include tips, factoids and fun encounters with some of the coolest, richest bloggers I've ever known. I'm starting with PAYTON SARTAIN, a Life & Style blogger who I met a Manhattan hotel yesterday at the end of the night before NY Fashion Week officially kicks off. I'd love to tell you that her pics are photoshopped to make  her look amazing but honestly, she's much prettier in person. She's such a sweetheart, too, with an innocence that is refreshing.

I'll be adding to this post all week long as NY Fashion Week goes on. Stay tuned! Also follow along on Twitter @FatGirlLoveCake!


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