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Friday, February 19, 2016

HELP! I'm going to the OSCARS and I have NOTHING to wear...LITERALLY!

( - I'm excited to announce I've been officially approved by the Academy of Motion Pictures to cover the 2016 Oscars in Los Angeles, CA. I'm really excited about the chance to discuss plus size fashion, shoes for all women and of course to taste the delicious food that I know will be available.

Wolfgang Puck's party sounds delicious with culinary surprises waiting at every corner. Vanity Fair is sure to delicious with tasty bite sized - or should I say model-sized - treats. But the big meal I'm looking forward to will happen during Pre-Oscar events before we all have to stuff ourselves into our gowns.

I'm reaching out to some of my favorite stores to help me get dressed for the big day. There's one in particular I hope will say yes. Stay tuned to find out what store I'm talking about.


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