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Saturday, August 6, 2016

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Melissa McCarthy of Ghostbusters - Considering that I pretty much started my blog at the same time that Melissa McCarthy started her clothing line, it seems only right that I get this exclusive with her majesty herself.

Melissa is a big supporter of cancer so it's not shocking that she would show up for Gilda's Cancer fundraiser at Caroline's Comedy in NYC. Looking flat out amazing, Melissa took time to thank her adoring fans by signing autographs, talk with yours truly and then she did the most amazing thing.

She found a family who was visiting and brought them over to speak with them one-on-one. When an over excited fan tried to muscle in on the experience, she politely told him she'd get to him when she was done with the family - and did. I've been around an embarrassing amount of celebrities but I've yet to see someone handle a situation with such class and sincerity.

Please be sure to support Melissa and the gals from Ghostbusters! Tell 'em sent you!


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